Annie Get Your Gun Movie Review

When Ethel Merman belted out this song the movie theatres were packed and SRO was a common thing. What wasn’t a common thing, however, was the Quick-Seat Chair. Many of the audience were left to stand in their fine evening clothes, ladies in platform heels and men in top hats and tails, if they wanted to see Miss Ethel live or on the silver screen when this 1947 movie, Annie Get Your Gun debuted at the theatre. I’ll wager that if Quick-Seat Chair had been invented back then that the song may have had an entirely different title.

Synopsis of Verdi's Opera, Aida

I remember years ago attending the opera at Princeton’s McCarter Theatre, it was an opera that I sorely wanted to see, but alas, not a single ticket could be had. I didn’t care. My heart was set on seeing Aida, and I was dressed in celebration of the Egyptian theme. SRO (standing room only) is no joke. Operas are approximately 3 hours long so I was in for the duration and only got to sit during intermission when I could grab an unoccupied seat to rest my legs and feet. And, I wasn’t the only one. There were a number of us, perched at the top of the mezzanine which was set in a semi-circular embrace of the theatre.

Back then in 1996, I hadn’t heard of Quick-Seat Chair. If I had, I would have headed out to the management, willy-nilly, to suggest that they install Quick-Seat Chairs for the safety and comfort of guests, who brave SRO for the sheer love of the opera. Quick-Seat Chairs embrace any wall space and fit under standard railings, folding up all by themselves which makes them truly the Diva of any opera. I am highly in favor of good old fashioned, old world customer service and hospitality.  I feel that it is the gold standard and benchmark in any industry.

Quick-Seat Chair gets my vote for that. Installed in a cross-section of industries from emergency vehicles to veterinarian cubicles, large medical complexes, airports and outdoor nature walks, the mere presence of a Quick-Seat Chair or two really says that these establishments and services care about the safety and comfort of their guests and customers. I can’t always understand every word of what is being sung in an opera, but from the sound of the long, sad and haunting, pleading tones in Aida’s aria, I thought I heard her crying out for a place to sit. If only there was a Quick-Seat Chair on stage.

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