Give Without Expecting Something in Return — Frank Sonnenberg Online

Remember the old days when shopping in department stores or visiting retail outlets was something that you looked forward to because it was always such a pleasure? Old world hospitality, because you the customer-the guest, were the most important person? Remember how lovely it was to go out for a new pair of shoes? A prom dress? A new business suit? You came into the store and were immediately whisked away by a talented and polite person who knew the latest fashion trends, knew what the store offered, and was well-trained in something called “Social amenity” so that your experience was going to be successful so that there was a win-win situation and you, the valued customer, was going to return for more and recommend that establishment to family, friends, and colleagues.

Today at Quick-Seat Chair, we remember those times and especially the need to ensure that patrons are, indeed, looked after. We know that hospitality and customer relations have suffered a severe blow that is counter to the how and why Quick-Seat Chair was invented. Although Quick-Seat Chairs may be heavenly (especially when your feet or legs are about to give out), they didn’t just fall from the sky. The idea was born from the awareness of a need that had to be fulfilled from right inside the physical rehab and hospital industry. It was blatantly clear that a chair, a ‘place to sit,’ and not just any chair, was needed. That this industry, with its focus on getting people back on their feet as quickly as possible, had somehow overlooked the fact that an interim place of respite was truly needed.

But that’s just the inside picture, on a grander scale, where people already wrestle with feeling like ‘just another number, where social amenity got lost in the fast-paced track of time constraints, hospitality, and the awareness of those charged with the great task of customer relations, lost something along the way. That something along the way is Quick-Seat Chair. Its universality, special design, ease of access, stability, not to mention it’s part in fall risk prevention, make it the perfect solution to being able to offer a more safe, reliable, and welcoming space. For those in any industry, the best thing you can do is to bring back a high level of good customer relations and hospitality that lets your valued patients, customers, and guests know they are welcome, cared for, safe, and valued. These were the first ingredients that went into the design of the Quick-Seat Chair, and they are the signposts that ensure that your establishment will glean the highest ratings from happy people. I don’t think you can top that with a hot buttered biscuit.

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