Hip Dysplasia: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, Tests & Recovery

I was meant to be a twin, is what the orthopedic doctor told me many years ago, after an x-ray revealed that I had an extra vertebra and also an extra but not fully formed, hip-socket. That was astounding news as I had no idea and I don’t think my mother ever knew she was expecting and lost, a twin, either. Sure enough, there was the evidence and the reason why my left hip just doesn’t function quite the same as my left hip. Sometimes, in fact, it functions better. It certainly has proven that in the practice of martial arts over the past almost 30 years. However, it also does something that is very annoying if I have to walk too far or vacuum. It starts to burn and feel like the left extra hip-socket is trying to work itself to the surface and out of my body. And, it’s very uncomfortable.

At times, I simply have to sit down and give it a rest. Not for long, maybe only a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, I don’t always know when that need is going to arise. After a couple of minutes, it passes and I’m good to go, but those minutes before are awful. At home it isn’t a problem because if I’m vacuuming or gardening, I just sit for a minute and it passes. But if I am out and about, and especially if I have to walk on a hard surface it can come upon me and really cause me anxiety because I truly want and need to be able to sit down.

So here I am, I’m fit, I stretch and do martial arts. I’m actively working in my garden, rock wall climbing, exploring old ruins, and yet I have this funny anomaly that requires me to think about where I’m going and how long my walk will be and, the number one question, will I be able to find a place to sit? Not everyone has a funny hip or a physical anomaly, but many, those who work in industrial or medical areas with cement or marble flooring along those long hallways, suffer from leg fatigue or lower back pain that can set in, or cause an old injury to act up.

They just need a little weigh-station where they can sit and rest, where even a couple of minutes solves the problem. It is, for this very reason, the need to sit, just for a few minutes, or to have a place to sit for an elongated wait time, is so important. And this fact has been proven time and again with Quick-Seat Chairs finding their way into large shopping outlets, hospitals, nature walks, and seemingly unending corridors in airports. There was a need, Quick-Seat Chair filled it and will keep on filling it, making the world a better place, one Quick-Seat Chair at a time as the Quick-Seat Chair legacy continues.

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