Even as an adult of a certain age, I still love children’s fairy tales. My favorite is The Mickey Mouse Picnic, naturally, because it involves a ride to the lake and food. A chocolate cake and other goodies. But that is a Blog of a different color for another time. We all know the story of The Little Engine That Could, however, published in 1930 about the challenges besetting the tiny engine of a train. Eventually, the Little Engine That Could, does and wins the day. This storybook favorite is still today helping to encourage children to stay positive and work hard to see the result and never give up.

Like most things, this story has two sides. I like to compare it to our Quick-Seat Chair. Let’s imagine the first time its inventor had that gleam in her eye, seeing the need for such a wonderful hospitality and safety invention. It was no easy feat to transfer that first idea as a sketch onto paper and then to follow all of the patent protocols to describe it in 3D and then to bring it to fruition. If you have ever patented anything, you know all too painfully, that you have to consider everything connected to the invention and its place in the world and how you can ensure that it can do the job it was intended to do.

But there is also the other viewpoint of the beneficiaries of the goodness of that invention. We have all gone “out past the last dragon,” out farther than we have ever ventured from our point of origin that first time after an injury or surgery when we have realized that our ankle, or knee or hip or back, although healing wonderfully for just ambling around the house, is not ready for a marathon. And, when suddenly we’re going along that long corridor from one office to another when the weakness or ache or burn sets in and we wonder if we’ll make it.

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That’s when we become the little Engine That Could. We trudge on, maybe leaning up against a wall for a moment to catch our breath, and then we see it. We see something just up ahead. Maybe it’s as blue as the sky, or green as a forest, or cheery as a red apple, or white as a soft cloud on a hot day. We are encouraged. We can see something that allows us to know we can make it safely. We are The Little Engine That Could and we have found The Little Chair That Could. Quick-Seat Chair. And all is well. We’ve made it. If your doctor or place of employment doesn’t have one, let them know about the benefits provided by having a Quick-Seat Chair.

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