The thing about my vantage point, as someone very acquainted with all things Quick-Seat Chair, is that I can both sit on a Quick-Seat Chair and admire the art on the wall of the gallery if the gallery has the perspicacity to have Quick-Seat Chairs on hand, or I can sit elsewhere with a Quick-Seat Chair in view and sketch it making it the focal point of my masterpiece. After all, it would make a great subject for a painting. No less even, than da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or Van Gogh’s, The Starry Night.

It’s sleek in design. No sharp corners. Bright vibrant colors and I daresay, each one probably has a story or two that it could tell about interesting things that have happened nearby or stories that were heard from occupants seated on its ample and safe seat. It’s easy for one to imagine a vase of flowers placed in the center of a green Quick-Seat Chair, or a bowl of fruit placed on a cheery red Quick-Seat Chair. How about a spray of dried bamboo and field grasses across the brown version, a small grouping of seashells and sea glass arranged on the white Quick-Seat Chair model.

Georgia O'Keeffe - Wikipedia

It makes me wonder what Georgia O’Keeffe would have done artistically should she have come across a Quick-Seat Chair amid some of the sun-dried bones she so masterfully painted against the stark background of the desert. I am often reminded of Rodin’s famous sculpt, The Thinker. It’s what you do on a Quick-Seat Chair. It’s what it was made for. To provide you with a safe, comfortable place to sit while waiting. It’s sometimes when we find ourselves having to sit and wait, that we have some of our most important thoughts.

We like to think of Quick-Seat Chairs as not only providing you with a small respite down a long hallway but also, in the beautiful simplicity of its design, as a catalyst for inspiring new ideas, or problem-solving, or just remembering or jotting important things down. We know there is more than simply what meets the eye in a Quick-Seat Chair. It’s built right into every model. “Necessity is the mother of invention,” said Plato.

We can’t make aspersions that just because Quick-Seat Chair is rated for “infection control” that you’re going to write the next great American novel, but we do know that like the Mona Lisa or The Starry Night, our Quick-Seat Chair brings its own special kind of appreciation for the simple but beautiful things in life that just make it better.

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