How many times have we heard that old phrase? “I’m up against a wall.” or “It sounds like you’re up against the wall.” Being up against the wall is one of those phrases that denote we have no place to go or turn. Not good. But that isn’t always the case. Sometimes being up against “the wall” can be a good thing.

A couple of years ago, I decided that I wanted to put myself through the challenge of overcoming the fear of heights, something I never realized I had until I went up the open stairwell at Barnegat Lighthouse in south New Jersey. Once up, I could not get down because I could see all the way some 170 feet down. And, by the way, it was not comfortable at the top in the tiny aerie that looked out below to the ocean. I was reeling and needed to sit but, alas, back in those days Quick-Seat Chairs had not yet been invented. Did I make it down, sure, eventually? I had to slide down the wall edging myself all the way down except for maybe the last 20 feet, and it took forever. Not fun being up against the wall there at all. That being said, I wanted to overcome that fear.

Years later a new sports franchise opened up that simulated rock-wall climbing in a safe environment and I made up my mind to go for lessons and to get up that wall. I didn’t get all the way up, but my goal was to go up the wall, not necessarily how high. And, I succeeded by getting half way up, which was about 18 feet. I was happy and my fear of being up high seemed abated, of course, I had a wall in front of me which definitely quelled that feeling of being ‘marooned out in space. That brings me to Quick-Seat Chairs. Although they can be floor mounted, they are always in front of a supportive wall or railing of some kind. This is one of the factors that give it a 5-star rating in the “Up against a wall” department. This is exactly when you want to be up against a wall. When your feet or lower back, or knee, or hips are starting to let you know that you need to sit. Maybe it will happen the next time to have to walk through a long airport corridor, or march over to another building in a complex, or here’s one – that awful hard cold marble flooring in most hospitals that can bring out pain if you have to visit someone for a few days.

But then you see it, that thing of beauty that always delights. And – it’s up against a wall! You approach it, lightly give it a flick, and voila it opens and relief is only seconds away. About 3 seconds to be pretty accurate. Now you can sit, relax, and watch the crowd go by for a few moments while you recover. Yes, being up against the wall on a Quick-Seat Chair immediately vanquishes the other invisible wall that you were up against when you felt like you couldn’t go on. Maybe the Quick-Seat Chair should be a universal symbol, like a smiley face or a heart, etched in your mind that when you picture it, any other obstacles or problems can be surmounted. Quick-Seat Chair, when being up against a wall is a very good thing.

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