It’s a strange thing that happens when I see the Quick-Seat Chair. I guess because I’m a creative thinker I see all sorts of interesting images. The other day, I was out in the garden and a gorgeous butterfly was gracefully flapping its wings to alight on a rose. Just then my lower back was starting to make its presence known. And I knew I had to sit down for a few minutes. Now, when I combine those 2 elements of thought, I get the image of a Quick-Seat Chair, which opens as easily as a butterfly opens and closes its wings-and almost just as silently, too. A butterfly will always lead you on a path to something beautiful and a Quick-Seat Chair can be that object of beauty, which is in the eye of the beholder, along with a different kind of journey. Remember that no inventor ever creates for themselves alone. They hold a vision for a better world. They create for others. They create for people like you and me.

When Quick-Seat Chair was first conceived, there was nothing like it in the world and there were plenty of fatigued, or pain-ridden people, or people on portable oxygen, or using walkers or canes, or in leg casts who needed a place to sit. A haven, if you will, just for a few moments until they could get back on their way. Now, Quick-Seat Chairs are installed in a variety of places where they are most needed and where no other seating solution can work, making them, truly, The Butterfly Effect of seating inventions. They’ve been installed in emergency transport vehicles; airport corridors; nature walks; cashier kiosks; small space cubicles; medical buildings and elevators and more. We know that Quick-Seat Chair has changed the world for the good; opened up to afford to seat just before someone may have been too weak for their safety; enabled people to step into an environment to complete an important business-medical-or educational event, simply because they knew that there was a strategically installed Quick-Seat Chair available.

Haven’t you ever wanted to go somewhere, but were afraid because of the length of the walk even though a short distance is no problem for you? Don’t you wish a Quick-Seat Chair was on the premises? Now that would truly be a Butterfly Effect. The next time you are out and about and spot a butterfly, look closely and you’ll see that nature-created butterflies with markings resembling Quick-Seat Chair. Well, not really, but what a great idea. It would make Quick-Seat Chair a “Butterfly Effect.”

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