Most of us will never come across this fascinating word unless we work in the realm of physical or occupational therapy. Simply put, Proprioception is how your body senses, through its myriad receptors in the skin, muscles, and joints to know where in time and space we are. They do this by transferring this information to the brain through the nervous system. In short, it’s the process of your body being able to sense itself. I wish those censors worked when I was going to start on that third slice of pizza, however. But unfortunately, that is a different function of the brain. The Appestat switch that I sometimes turn off as I’m grabbing that forbidden slice.

The thing is that Proprioception is your body’s early warning system to let you know, for instance, how it’s feeling and how it’s performing in a given space. That means that we are aware of our body not quite feeling strong enough to make it to a destination. Ever watch an old movie, especially old westerns and war-themed movies, when an injured person is asked whether or not he can make it back to the horse or the shelter or the car? There’s always that little pause as if he or she is checking in with their ‘inner Proprioception angel’ to see how things look for doing just that. Your Proprioception knows whether you are going to need a place to sit very shortly, it will let you know that maybe you aren’t up to that 30-foot hike across the medical or industrial complex to the other building that you need to visit, and it’s already scanning the area to look for someplace of the refuge-a low cement wall, a bench, an outdoor sitting area, and so on. What it should be able to know ahead of all of this Proprioception-Ing is that there is nothing to worry about. Only 10 steps ahead are the safe harbor of a Quick-Seat Chair.

You can make that distance, for sure. You know because somewhere in a brochure or a diagram of the layout, you saw it listed along with other Quick-Seat Chair placements in adjacent areas. Someone who understands that not everyone can pole-volt their way to various destinations or leap over walls at a single bound at will, but who understands that many will need the hospitality of an easy-access place to perch in today’s world, will have done their research about how to solve this problem so that the environment which they overseer offers a solution to people in need.  And, that someone will have found out about Quick-Seat Chairs and their unique “position” in today’s workplace, wherever in the retail, military, government, corporate, health, or industrial environments they are needed to take care of their employees and guests.

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