“I found myself within a forest dark, for the straightforward pathway had been lost.” wrote author Dante Alighieri.  We’ve all been there, not on a darkened path, but one lit with bright fluorescent lights above white walls and glaring cold white marble floors that seem to lead nowhere. We’ve been walking endlessly down a corridor in a factory, a hospital, a government institution, and even our local college in the hope of finding that room we’re supposed to locate in time for an appointment.  That old knee or lower back injury, the hip replacement, or the sports injury to our 4th metatarsal are usually OK, but yesterday, we also went on that great art tour in the park, and now those creepy words of Dante Alighieri’s lost soul, spoken by the tour guide when describing a painting based on Dante’s Inferno, haunted me.

In fact, in the glare of the sun, did I see myself in that painting? Wait! Was the sun playing tricks on my eyes? For there, in the center of the painting, could it be? Is that a Quick-Seat Chair I spy? Or do I have Quick-Seat Chair on the brain? As I rounded the next corner along my stark white glaring journey, there it was, a beacon of safety and relief and only about ten more steps up the corridor. For a few minutes, it sure felt like I was on the slippery slope to you know where.

Instead, thanks to Quick-Seat Chair, designed for safety and stability, I’m relaxing and enjoying my new book and maybe I’ll check out that new app I just downloaded. What could have turned out to be a nightmare with me in a panic because I just simply needed to sit, Quick-Seat Chair became a little respite, while I waited. I’ve also learned that there are several Quick-Seat Chairs in other areas of the building and although I’m not visiting there today, I’ll be sure to find out where the other Quick-Seat Chairs are located when I pass by the reception desk. That way, I won’t feel like I’ve lost the way with no relief in sight. 

Most people make out their shopping and errand lists before they leave the house just to avoid having to wander all over the store to find what they need. Isn’t it just as important to know the layout of where you’re going when it’s a big complex? Even the greatest athletes suffer from an occasional injury that requires them to strategically know where they will be able to rest for a short period if they need to and that is exactly where Quick-Seat Chair fits in. No pun intended. With Quick-Seat Chair, you are on the garden path to safety and comfort instead of the other path that leads to you know where.

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