Easy on the eyes, and a quite a sight to behold when you need to sit. When you see its shining metal, pressed and neatly tucked up against the wall just waiting for you, you know you’ve made it. You release it to open with a light touch of the finger or a tap of the foot. Now you can rest a minute to get your bearings, catch your breath and rest that ankle before starting off again down the corridor or to wait to be called for your appointment. Maybe the value of a Quick-Seat Chair is higher than that of the best cut diamonds. Like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder. And if you have ever found yourself needing to find a place to sit, then you’ve been there, too. That awful place of losing physical courage. It happens to some of us who suffer from a variety of health problems, like slipped discs, lower back strain, pulled ham-strings or sprained calf muscles.

For some who suffer from what they call, “The Burn” needing to sit can arise almost out of nowhere completely unpredictable. The Burn can flare up creating an immediate need to sit and it knows no particular trigger. What brings on The Burn in the lower back one day, won’t make it happen doing the same thing the next. For many this condition, which is very fickle, can cause fear of going out beyond the mailbox simply because one never knows when or if The Burn will come about. For many, this is a sentence forcing folks to become home-bound because 90 % of the time they find relief with a few minutes just sitting down, until The Burn passes.

Now, Quick-Seat Chairs won’t cut glass but they are almost as indestructible as diamonds and when we, in fetters for a place to sit, it’s a no-brainer that we ask ourselves. The diamond tiara or the Quick-Seat Chair? And we know the Quick-Seat Chair wins out, especially when you feel stranded. In a world where people are “Accessibility” aware and where employers, medical centers and public places want people to visit, work and enjoy their environments, Quick-Seat Chair is the ‘diamond solution’ giving people back their courage to get out and enjoy more of life. While so many people have given up their mall-walking programs or window shopping; seeing the new garden displays in their local park and so much more, Quick-Seat Chairs are a retail and parks and recreation dream come true. Quick-Seat Chairs can be installed out of doors and are currently in many locales around the country. Never judge a book by its cover because although a Quick-Seat Chair may look like just a place to sit, it is really a diamond…a diamond of a chair.

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.

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