Don’t we all love a good mystery? We enjoy that opening scene. Perhaps it takes place in a lonely old mansion atop a hill overlooking the sea below, from a craggy cliff, the wind howling outside and strange shadows playing on the walls from the flames in the hearth. As we pull up the warm blanket over our shoulders we hear something.  Maybe there’s something making that noise, like a tree branch brushing against the window. Perhaps it sounds like an unwelcome intruder, or worse, a ghoul! We jump out of our warm chair, throw off the blanket and go to see what is the matter, right after we jamb our big toe into the chair leg. We stumble over a loose carpet, bang our elbow while going through the doorway, knock our knee right where we twisted it three weeks ago in the garden, and finally make our way to that pesky noise which turns out to be a flapping window shutter. Did I mention that the power has gone out so it’s also dark?

What we didn’t do is jamb our fragile tootsies, knock our knees, or trip over a Quick-Seat Chair. Quick-Seat Chair has no place at all in any “dark and stormy” story where things go bump in the night. It’s one of the few places on earth where a Quick-Seat Chair won’t fit. Rather, a Quick-Seat Chair rests demurely along a wall until you need it. No matter how the wind howls and blows or rattles your windows. Quick-Seat Chair is like a stentorian guard awaiting your arrival to safety and security. We’ve discovered that there are actually a few places where a Quick-Seat Chair won’t work, such as in a Boxing ring where the corner seats are removed in between rounds, in the sand at the beach where it may be the only place on earth where one may not need it, and ‘dark and stormy night’ stories, where our wonderfully designed Quick-Seat Chair is about as scary as a cup of hot cocoa and a blanket. Now, light your hearth, grab your favorite Agatha Christie novel, keep a candle nearby in case the lights go out. Enjoy.

If your favorite read or movie involves a ‘dark and stormy night’, don’t worry. You’ll never bump into or trip over a Quick-Seat Chair.

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.

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