Ever since many years ago, now, when Woolworth’s and J.J. New berry closed their doors and women felt that dark cloud hovering over their favorite shopping havens, the world seemed to have lost hospitality. Women out for an afternoon of shopping could wend their way through aisles of sewing notions, make-up, home comforting household goods while meeting

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up with a friend coming down the same aisle for a friendly chat. Sometimes that chat turned into a plan to meet up at the luncheon counter or to take refuge from the world outside in one of the big red comfy booths for a slice of grilled cheese, fries, and a soda or any other delicious treat on the menu.

Back in the day, these favorite stores had a place to sit for a moment or two if one was not planning on eating in. There would be a small divan near the restrooms, and other seating to rest upon while waiting for a family member or to watch for whoever was picking you up in the car. Stores knew a thing or two about hospitality back in those days and they knew what we at Quick-Seat Chair know now. Mainly that “Sometimes folks just need to sit awhile.” These stores are sorely missed. They have been replaced by other dollar chain stores and we do love them too, but it’s just not the same. Nothing will be the same as the good old days of shopping in a 5¢ & 10¢.

My sister and I love to frequent the Dollar Store, where we find really great stuff. It’s also part of exercise after leaving our favorite eatery, the local Chinese restaurant. The Chinese restaurant has plush overstuffed booths that we both at a staggering five feet one inch tall, sink all the way into while wielding our chopsticks and lunch. There’s only one problem. For

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whatever reason, and it only happens after lunch at our favorite restaurant, about three minutes after I enter the store before I’ve even loaded up my cart, the burn happens. The burn that spreads across my lower back. It burns more than the General Tao’s Tofu I just enjoyed not half an hour ago. Does this happen anywhere else, like at my desk? No. Does it happen after a long car ride? No. Does it happen on a long hike along a trail? No. Or training for over an hour in my martial arts class? Nope! It only happens after lunch and in my forage at the Dollar Store.

It happened the other day. It was so awful that I was painfully looking for a place to sit. “Where is a Quick-Seat Chair?” I said to myself. “Why isn’t there one in this store?” Somehow, I made it, and just barely, through the checkout and back into the comfort of my car. But, it just felt awful. I’m a prime example of someone who is flexible, strong, active, and normally has no pain, except when that happens. And if you’ve had a similar experience, then you know only too well how awful it is.

That’s why we created the Quick-Seat Chair Ambassador’s program. You can download our form on the website at Quick-Seat.com, fill it in and take it to the store manager to let them know that Quick-Seat Chair may avert problems for customers who get caught off guard in the same way. If they’ve ever had an emergency in their store, they’ll be glad you let them know about Quick-Seat Chair and the Dollar Store.

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.

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