Often people will write to us and tell us that they were so happy to find a Quick-Seat Chair on the premises when they last had to spend the day at a medical center or another large facility. Happier than they had brought along their knitting or crocheting to while away the wait time and to help stay calm, cool, and collected. We’ve had mothers tell us they’ve folded origami paper toys for children, while they were waiting. A quiet, no-mess activity.

We at Quick-Seat Chair love NASA. We follow all of the latest news, watch NASA TV, listen to NASA radio, and use the NASA phone app to log in to our NASA Citizen’s watch information. It’s like we have the entire universe in the palm of our hands. It’s almost like our Quick-Seat Chair becomes our private spacecraft as we follow the launches and other NASA activities.

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People have explained that they use their wait time for a little bit of self-care by massaging aromatherapy lotion onto their hands for a little stress relief. Many use the time to write in their happy journal, another creation that we suggested in a previous Quick-Seat Chair blog. You keep a tiny journal in your bag, the kind with a pen

attached and while you’re waiting, you jot down happy thoughts about those you love, keep track of happy moments created when you enjoyed how you spent your money, and write a memory of a fun time you recently had or are planning. You’ll see surface aches and pains melt away when you focus on positive things. The Quick-Seat Chair happiness journal helps you to relieve pain-causing stress.

If you haven’t tried any of these fantastic little techniques, you must. They work anywhere, even when you’re home or stuck in traffic-just keep your eyes on the road. Yet, what makes us truly happy is in knowing that what we created at Quick-Seat Chair happened because are thinking about others. We thought about those who would need this great product, invented and created, for people in need of a place to sit and rest, and to treat each of them as a special guest.

We’re so proud and happy when we receive notes from people telling us how they enjoyed their time-well-spent on a Quick-Seat Chair moments in safety and comfort. We love to hear from you.

If you have used your time on a Quick-Seat Chair doing something you love, won’t you please let us know? After all, Quick-Seat Chair, the crafty invention, was created for folks like you.

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