Waiting times, especially these days, can belong. They can leave you with a sense of anxiety, exhaustion, and boredom, but they don’t have to. Not only have we found the best fit, best temporary seating solution for tight spaces, but we’ve got the tools to help you make the best use of your wait times. We want you enlightened, engaged, and entertained. We’ve got, “Art Detectives,” a fun way to not only help you pass time, but a great way to heighten your visual acuity, lower your blood pressure, and most important of all, to lift your spirits.

Years ago I was developing holistic inspiring classes for those in all tiers of health care and residential living. As someone who frequently dabbles in art, art classes, and art receptions, I wanted to create something that the residents could enjoy that was already around them every day but that they ceased to notice. I was also engaged at that time with the creation of an effective stress management course. I learned from their data that people who sit and look at art and talk about how it makes them feel were less depressed than those who merely looked at it or were working on art projects. There seemed to be something about the connection we make with our feelings, evoked by the images we see and our appreciation of beauty and talking about them. That being said, even if you are not on a Quick-Seat Chair at the moment, you can pretend you are. It may not be a chaise lounge with a view of the Pacific Ocean, but you’ll feel safe, sound, and secure with your back pressed comfortably against the wall behind you, which is another topic for well-being for another blog.

Imagine then, that you are waiting for your appointment. You’ve settled down onto your Quick-Seat Chair, and you’ve located a piece of art on the wall that draws your attention. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed, arms relaxed and spine relaxed against the wall. Fix your eyes on the painting. There is a secret that many people don’t know about. I call it the Hidden Triangle. Almost every painting I have ever studied contains it, and yet most people don’t see it. The Hidden Triangle is three points of color that are within the painting at strategically placed points that, even though they are small, or not especially important to the main image, create a sense of balance to the painting for the observer. The Hidden Triangle also forces your eyes to expand beyond the center of the painting so that your brain can take in the whole tone of the painting. Even a dark painting will have this Hidden Triangle.

Next, it is important to feel the tone that is in the painting. This is a kind of arc created so that you the observer can, in a way and through your emotional reaction, communicate with the artist at the time he did the painting. You can ask yourself what was the artist trying to say. Further, you can examine your own feelings about that piece of art. Is there a friend whom you can call later to talk about it? You can also start a small pocket-sized journal to keep a record of your Art Detective experiences.

Remember you can take a picture of the painting with your phone and save it as part of your ongoing “Art Detective” adventure, whenever and wherever you are. Hopefully, you’ll always have a Quick-Seat Chair nearby when you’re out and about for appointments and if not, you can always be a Quick-Seat Chair Ambassador by downloading and printing out our form and handing it into the office where you needed to sit and couldn’t find a Quick-Seat Chair. Quick-Seat Chair is much more than just a temporary seat. It’s a work of “Art!”

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