We’re back again this month with the second part of our stress management program. It is so important that we understand the complexity of stress and its impact, which reaches to all corners of our life. We at Quick-Seat Chair are dedicated to our clients and those who we reach every time one of our Quick-Seat Chairs is found just around the corner, or just inside the door, bringing safety, relief and respite. Especially when needed for those who need a place to sit when an unexpected old injury flair up, or when fatigue sets in. Talk about stress. Not being able to find a suitable place to rest when away from home is one of the most stressful things we can encounter. And, we at Quick-Seat Chair know that, which is why we developed this wonderful temporary seating solution.

Our Definition of Stress

  • Stress is a silent, invisible enemy.
  • It is cumulative, building over some time until it becomes unmanageable.
  • Stress results anytime the demands of the day exceed our capacity to meet those demands.
  • Business changes impact stress
  • The work week has increased from 40 to 47 hours a week or more.
  • This creates a reduction in restorative personal time.

Dr. Christine Northrup, reports “Stress from overwork affects the adrenal glands, the body’s shock absorbers, making people more susceptible to everything from colds to heart disease.”

As we continue in our multi-part series on stress, you will learn more about the facets of this serious problem and how to gain control over it, feel better and have a more productive enjoyable life. Now, just sit quietly for a few moments. Rather than taking a deep breath, Close your eyes and visualize a gentle tide coming up to the shore. Let your breath find its own relaxed rhythm, rather than forcing a deep breath. It only takes a moment of two to start to feel better. Just you, and the gentle rolling tide, your quiet relaxed breath, stress melting away and Quick-Seat Chair. We’re not just about where you sit, but that you sit safe and comfortably.

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.