Back in the 1960’s, when television commercials were fun, informative and pleasant, there was Jantzen, the swimsuit company.  In fact, there is still Jantzen. However, back then the ads made their mission message very clear, “Just Wear A Smile and A Jantzen.” And then the pretty girl or handsome fellow would dive off into the water, wearing that Jantzen smile, and the swimsuit of course. That phrase became a “catch-phrase,” which is still in use to this day.

How often do we say, when asked what someone should wear to this or that event, “What shall I wear?” So often in jest the response will be, “Just wear a smile.” We at Quick-Seat Chair love this famous old catch-phrase because it fits our purpose perfectly. We don’t have any hidden cameras showing people alighting on a Quick-Seat Chair and then sporting a big old grin, but we’re pretty sure that it happens. Here’s one thing that we do know, because we do our homework. Statistics will prove that the average person walks between 4,000 to 8,000 steps while shopping at a mall, and something like 110,000 steps during their lifetime, if they reach 80 years of age. Doctors and medical staff walk around 4,700 to almost 9,000 steps a day in their rounds at a hospital. Doesn’t that make your feet hurt already? Now, add in that for many, feet, ankle, knee, lower back and hip problems may come into play when facing an unexpected walk down long hallway.

Not everyone with minor aches and pains needs a walker or cane, but under added stress, even minor physical complaints can add up quickly and strike for no reason. They can come into play when walking a long distance from a parking lot, needing to get from one medical building suite to another or worse, when that sciatic nerve acts up during the rounds of a security guard or others on duty who must walk great distances as part of their job. That’s why we are positive that the pain in their feet turns to a smile of relief when they find a Quick-Seat Chair that they can rest on. And add to that, that it opens with only a light touch. There are countless times and places when we know that Quick-Seat Chair has saved the day and the feet for so many people, because they have written and told us. And it always makes us happy.

Statistics also say that if someone’s feet hurt it shows in their face. And, although we think Jantzen swimwear is terrific, just putting on a Jantzen won’t make your feet feel any better, but getting off of  them and getting onto a Quick-Seat Chair, will. So just wear a smile and a Quick-Seat Chair, forget the Jantzen unless you’re diving into a pool!

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.