In part three of our stress management series, we continue to help you understand the basic elements of stress and how it can infiltrate your life from various day to day experiences. The good news is that we will continue to give you our best techniques for relieving that stress, often from the safety of a Quick-Seat Chair, without anyone even knowing you’re doing it. The bonus is that you’ll just look relaxed, calm, cool and collected. Stay with us until the end of the series for a fun and useful chart. We’ve got stress covered completely-four ways past Sunday!

Stress and Its Effects • How we define stress?

Stress, to a great degree, is a personal choice.

How we view ourselves.

How we handle the input from the environment.

How we choose to view the day to day events in the workplace and home.

Each can determine how stressed out we are going to be.

Basically, what stresses one person out, may have no effect on someone else.

And, yet on a third person, the same input can be exhilarating.

  Other experts say that stress is a form of self-rejection.

-That it is often triggered because it can be generated from impatience,

-rigidity, bad choices, and a need for perfection,

-along with never giving yourself any peace.

It is vitally important to identify these behaviors when trying to de-stress your life.

It also helps to identify these behaviors through a kind and sometimes humorous lens.

How A Simple Finger Holding & Breathing Technique Worked Wonders

Once upon a time, in long ago Japan, there was a man who had really pushed his body to the limit. He was broken and dying. In brief, the man went off to a hermitage where he could reflect and meditate, eat simple food and rest away from his former busy life. One day, during this solitary period, he had a revelation. He had a vision come to him that if he put himself in a comfortable position, let down his stiffened shoulders and took the time span of one long slow deep breath while holding on to each of his ten fingers, he could find peace of mind. But he found more than that. He found that his health was completely restored. He didn’t die and he went on to share his story. And, here’s how he did it.

Carefully, hold onto your left thumb, giving it a light squeeze. Breathe one gentle, long slow deep breath. Exhale. Now move to each of the other four fingers repeating the action. Change to your right hand and start with the thumb, repeating the technique on the right hand. That’s it. If you want to add something to that, you may repeat, while squeezing each finger, the mental thought, “I am feeling better and better, each day.” Repeat this every day. It can be practiced anywhere. On a Quick-Seat Chair, in bed, riding in a subway, in your office while reading a research paper. Anywhere. You don’t even have to concentrate. What could be easier than that?

We’ll be back next month with Part 4 of our stress management series, so stay tuned.

The experts at Quick-Seat Chair are proud to have been able to provide the Being Successful & Stressed program to Patuxent River Naval Base, Fleet & Family Services to help their staff and military personnel and their families.

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