“Just look at him. The attendant sits all day long on his little chair at the end of the corridor.”  Raffles begrudgingly says to his accomplice, Bunny, during a stakeout to heist the royal tiara for the Queen’s Jubilee. 

Just the other day, it happened again. Completely unexpected. Unexpected because my lower back has been feeling great for a very long time now. But then, there I was on my way into the dollar store with my sister, after a fabulous lunch at our favorite local diner, when within minutes, I felt like my lower back was on fire and I knew the only way to remedy the debilitating feeling was to sit for just a couple of minutes. That wasn’t happening, though with no Quick-Seat Chair anywhere to be found, I remembered this back pain would always happen upon leaving any eatery if I was sitting in a bucket seat style booth. So here I was again. To be clear. I had enjoyed my Kung Fu training that week, had carried a large rocking chair down a flight of stairs, carried my little grandson all over the place on a recent visit and my back was gold! Rock solid. I’ve even stepped up my physical conditioning in preparation for going back to my rock wall climbing. So, how could this be?  How can it happen that my lower back made it impossible for me to meander up and down the aisles looking at all of the lovely items that always a pick me up? I realized that there must be something that is happening to my lower spine when I sit for over an hour in a bucket seat booth, because it’s the only time that this ever happens. There must be something I can do to remedy this by changing my seating or my sitting position. I pondered that, as I rested for the next few minutes in the car while waiting for my sister to exit the store.

That’s what I mean when I write about Quick-Seat Chair, because having even a momentary physical crisis is not entirely out of reach for anyone-even athletes and those in good health. Thank goodness, a Quick-Seat Chair can save the day and we understand that they have, indeed, done that. 

When Raffles and Bunny gained entrance to the well-guarded Tiara Room, in our fictional story reference above, they were dressed as two elderly gentlemen, Raffles appearing in a Victorian wheel chair. Bunny was to wheel Raffles into the Tiara Room, then go and scope out the guards and their breaks. Raffles would figure out how, exactly, to get the Tiara out of the room without setting off the alarm.

 As long as the guard was comfortable, there would be no reason for him to get up and make his rounds, as Raffles had discovered on that first day of scoping out the museum.  This was a variable they could not control. This danger made Raffles very uneasy as he and Bunny devised an alternate plan to get the guard to get off his chair so that Raffles could slip by, undetected.

In the end, Bunny succeeded in getting the guard off of his little chair just long enough for Raffles to slip past, nab the Tiara, and ditch their disguises before stepping outside on the pavement, Tiara safely concealed, which was then mailed by Raffles to the Queen, herself, as a gift. Raffles loved to have his fun.

As for Quick-Seat Chairs, there is no fiction to their story. They are safe and secure, offer ample seating, easy to install, work silently, will hold you up, give you a short oasis if, like me, you find yourself marooned in a desert of pain, with some old injury that leaves you needing to sit. They are dependable. If you think that maybe Quick-Seat Chair would be useful in your home or place of business, give us a call or fill in the form on our contact page. We’re here to listen and help you solve your seating problems.   

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.