By Khadi Madama

Quick-Seat Chair Wellness Coordinator

This month we carry on in our journey to understand the scope of stress and its impact from our original power point accredited course.


• We become ill.

• We start having problems in our relationships both at work and home.

• We lose time from work.

• Our productivity is hampered putting our jobs at risk.


• Do I bring stressful attitudes home from work?

• Am I talking about problems during lunch and dinner instead of enjoying this time?

• Is there a nice way for me to re-direct others to avoid work-complaints during meals?


• Some problems at work are unchangeable and not resolvable except in our ability to self-care and Refocus.

• It has been shown that by making simple changes within the workspace, stress can be greatly reduced.

Re-imagine How You Will Handle The Next Stressful Encounter

This is a special technique developed by the late, well-known Dr. Francis Cheek, in her work with maximum security inmates. It was found to be effective. If it works for them, it will work for you.

First if you have a special movie character or role model known personally, whom you always observe has ‘grace under pressure,’ then you are ready to start. If you’re not sure, take some notes when watching favorite movies/TV show/or other people you may know who seem to always have the answer, never let anyone push their buttons and who are pillars of calm. Mine was always cartoon character Bug Bunny. He always keeps a sense of humor and  never lets Yosemite Sam get to him. The important thing is that this character is one that is very easy for you to become in your ‘stress scenes.’

Once you know ‘your character,’ think about the typical things on any given day that make you feel  very stressful or like giving up. Choose a typical scene and map it out in your mind paying attention to detail. Let yourself feel that stress. Now, see yourself as your “Calm Character” and respond to that Stress Scene as if you are the star. Take control, not of anyone else, but of your own Stress Monster by dissolving the stress as you respond from your Calm Character in a way that allows the stress to dissipate. With practice, you will be able to put this into practice on the scene, as if you are playing a part as a star in a movie and you will be diffusing the power of any person or situation to cause you harmful stress. Remember, you can’t get stressed out, unless you are not taking care of YOU!

Remember that your ability to survive and thrive during stress is dependent on your commitment to self-care and to contain it so it doesn’t erode the rest of your life.

We’ll be back next month on our continuing journey away from stress.

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