By Khadi Madama

Quick-Seat Chair Wellness Coordinator

This month we have finally landed into the best part. The part where we can actually put a plan into motion, where you have the steering wheel away from the danger of stress through tried and true techniques to help you change the environment where the stress exists without having to quit your job. So, get ready to implement the mission.

The Plan

1. Start speaking in a positive, polite, and if necessary, correctly assertive manner with co-workers. This helps to encouraging a productive atmosphere.

2. Take time for yourself to recharge by not foregoing your own breaks, holiday time and lunchtime. Encourage your co-workers as well. Even under periodic heavy workloads, being able to regenerate will ultimately insure the success of any project.

3. Try taking lunches alone and using the time for more enjoyable pursuits like books on tape or small simple craft projects. 

4. Try to find a “meditation space” somewhere inside the building that is quiet, and inviting. If a few comfortable chairs are available, or a coffee table with magazines, a window with a view or scenic wall hangings, you will have a small haven in which to relax and recharge sitting quietly during breaks.

5. This space should be different, if possible, from the lunchroom, since its purpose is to create a quiet and restorative feeling. Sitting near greenery or any small area outside that has a garden-like  feeling about it will be very restorative.

6. Check out what is nearby your office. Gardens, historic sites, a museum, library. If you have an hour lunch, you will have about 45 minutes to enjoy something refreshing after you finish eating.

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