By Khadi Madama

It was on that very same night of the day that Sherlock Holmes, the world’s greatest detective secretly came back into town. For the entire year before, Sherlock was dead to all of the friends and fans he knew, having fallen to his into the Reichenbach Falls in a fight with Moriarty, or so it seemed, and now on this exceptional foggy day in London, Holmes reappeared much to Watson’s shock.

The mission? To capture one of London’s most deadly villains, Col. Moran. It would be a very long wait for Holmes and Watson. And, what with Watson’s painful leg, injured in Afghanistan, it would be an even longer and more painful wait for him. If only Sir Arthur Conan Doyle knew about Quick-Seat Chair and its silent and safe repose, things for Holmes and Watson would have certainly been more amenable.

So, let’s make that happen.  Holmes and Watson were staked out in the dark and empty house directly across the street from 221 B Baker St., to be exact, their apartment. It would be a long night of being silent, waiting in the dark and having to remain completely immobile. They were not staked out to watch Col. Moran enter their apartment. Holmes knew that he would come right to where they were to shoot what he thought was Holmes, but what in reality was a mannequin of him, posing in the window. You can see why they had to remain in the shadows silently because at any moment during their vigil, Col. Moran would enter their stake out. Well, as it turns out, Holmes and Watson enjoyed the comfort of two Quick-Seat Chairs in calm, cool, easier to hide in the dark-brown. Watson’s leg held up wonderfully on the ample seat and Holmes, perched like a tiger, waiting for its prey, on his Quick-Seat Chair was able to remain comfortable but keen until that startling moment when Col. Moran crept up the stairs and stepped onto the loose step alerting Holmes and Watson. Now here’s the good part. Because Quick-Seat Chairs close by themselves and do it silently, both Holmes and Watson were able to leave their seats without any worry of noise giving them away. They apprehended Col. Moran until Inspector Lestrade and his trusty men arrived. Mystery solved.

There is absolutely no mystery about Quick-Seat Chairs and as you can see, they solve intricate cases, like  Sherlock Holmes,  and space and seating problems all in one. Next time you find yourself on a Quick-Seat Chair, make sure you have a small volume of Sherlock Holmes, The Empty House.

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.