Flying Off To Shangri La Where There’s No Stress Part: 12

By Khadi Madama

Quick-Seat Chair Wellness Coordinator

As we continue on our self-care journey, it is so important to keep in mind that through these small simple ideas you can improve your well-being at work, home, or virtually anywhere. You can see people all around you and the signs of what their uncontrolled stress is doing to them. They talk very fast trying to squeeze every word into a smaller space, they get angry at the drop of a hat because they are always so worked up. They behave rudely, or their work production quality can begin to fail. Then it can transfer to their social life and close relationships. All for a lack of a few small easy to do measures to help manage the chronic and sometimes high pressure world they are living in. We at Quick-Seat Chair suggest sharing these techniques with friends who are losing ground in their lives because of stress. Let them know relief is available on our website blog page. 

In designing this program, originally created for those who work in health care where privacy, a place of their own and often for nurses who are on the road all day seeing patients cut off from their colleagues and eating on the run, we knew we had to find and curate techniques that could work in any environment, be easy and unobtrusive to perform. They had to be short, sweet and on-point to deliver relief. Trust us, we know they work. I use them, the US Navy Fleet and Family Services have used them and our other staff members at Quick-Seat Chair use them. You can count on us to keep you going, feeling better and staving off the ravages of day to day stress.

Step # 4 to Shangri La

4. The Office Labyrinth.

Get up from your chair and turn your office into a private labyrinth-like retreat by continuing to focus on you’re breathing as you walk slowly around your desk. Walk in between your chair and any other objects on the floor all the while affirming, “I am calm.” Practice for 5 minutes.

Step #4 a.

Walking Meditation

•If you do not have an office or private space to use as a labyrinth, try this mini-walking in place meditation to relieve stress and center yourself. These short breaks are essential to resetting your attention, ability to focus and a bit of energy for stamina. 

•Feel your feet on the floor. Carefully pick up one foot. Take notice of the action of lifting your foot. Place it carefully down and repeat with the other foot. Repeat as needed until calm returns, while visualizing walking in the sand at the beach, or through a garden, or with a loved one.

Step # 5 to Shangri La

5. Become the Wise Cobra

Sit on the edge of your chair. Inhale and arch the back as you look up towards the ceiling. Lower your head to your chest as you exhale curling your spine in the opposite way. Repeat 2-3 times.

These are our second set of 3 Steps towards Finding Shangri La at the Office. Don’t miss next month when we reveal the next 3. Believe-and stay tuned.

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