Quick-Seat Chair Goes To Hollywood – The A-Team

Temporary Seating That Closes Itself !

Quick-Seat Chair Goes To Hollywood – The A-Team

By Khadi Madama Quick-Seat Chair Wellness Coordinator

It’s difficult for me to watch any movie or TV series without an eye for seating, or lack thereof. One of my favorite 80’s TV series is The A-Team.  If you like action (where no one ever gets killed or hurt, not even the villains) and you love the spirit of invention, then it’s time to locate them on your local cable, where “you may be able to hire The A-Team, or better yet, join them for loads of daring do. Nowhere, in any movie or on any TV series, is the spirit and craft of invention so exciting, successful, and fun. However, with all the great adventures and protecting people while fighting for “Truth, Justice, and the American Way,” is there ever any attention paid to sitting, at least not in the vehicles created for each episode?

I watch how Mr. T, with those big hands, deftly ties, and screws on small nuts and bolts, welds tiny things together and masterfully takes a scrapheap of old metal machine parts, metal sheets, and old defunct motors and truck chassis with the team, all of whom in the next scene, is shown wheeling or careening out of an old hay barn in a makeshift armored van. Exciting right? Well, yes, but where are they sitting? That’s what always pops into my head. Where are they sitting? What are they sitting on? Is what they are sitting on going to fly off the bottom of the vehicle leaving them to “fly by the seat of their pants?” This can’t be. After all, even healthy and strong-fit men need to sit sometimes. Somewhere in all that conglomeration of welded metal and hard work, there must have been at least 3 or 4 Quick-Seat Chairs easily installed and without a blow torch! Otherwise, where would The A-Team sit? Quick-Seat Chairs install in only a few minutes, fit easily into emergency vehicles and other transport, and close back up quietly and automatically. A real bonus when you’re fending off marauders with The A-Team. 

On a side note, before The A-Team began shooting the series, Dwight Schultz, who played the part of Howlin’ Mad Murdoch, went to visit star George Peppard, who portrayed Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith, in his trailer. He introduced himself politely, saying how happy he was that he would be playing alongside Peppard. But Peppard looked up at him (because there was nowhere for Schultz to sit in the dressing trailer) and said, “I’m not a very nice man!”  Of course, he wasn’t. A star of his caliber being given a trailer where there aren’t enough seats? Who could be civil under those circumstances? But what if the trailers on the set were all equipped with two quick-seat chairs? Well, less grumpy actors are the result. This results in better action during the action scenes, which results in fewer “takes,” and that helps to keep to the shooting budget. I think it may have helped George Peppard’s attitude. Quick-Seat Chair is the real star of any show in that regard. It was the best behind-the-scenes asset of any film, and it may have made George Peppard much easier to deal with on the set. It was known that he tried to live up to his “not nice” reputation. The simple solution is that because they are so easy to install, they’re the one invention that The A-Team doesn’t need to invent, so all of the fun of watching the fellows puzzle piece together their vehicles, dismantle their jail cells so they can go and save the damsel in distress, and other creative efforts would be lost. That’s right. I remember old Maytag Washing Machine commercials from the 50’s and 60’s where, good-natured and bored, Jesse White, Ol’ Lonely’s trusty repairman, was getting bored because Maytags never broke down. Quick-seat chairs are kind of like that. There won’t be any excitement about Quick-Seat Chairs breaking down, needing a special tool, or wanting sympathy for how hard it was to install a Quick-Seat Chair. Nope, not happening. If you need a quick-seat chair, your seating problem is easily solved, like when Hannibal Smith says, “I love it when a plan comes together.” If you want more excitement, then “Perhaps you can hire The A-Team.”

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself

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