By Khadi Madama

Quick-Seat Chair Wellness Coordinator

There’s a saying that I’ve coined for myself, “No empty hands, no wasted steps.” I coined it a few years back when I was recovering from a slip which resulted in a badly injured knee. I live in a very big house and making the most of every step whether at home, or even in the supermarket was vital to not putting my knee under any further duress. So it goes in the workplace where time, truly is of the essence while your well-being is nestled right along side, there at the top of the list. That is why I developed these techniques for ease, small spaces, short time allowances and in most cases privacy as many can be done without causing a disturbance. No where does “no empty hands, no wasted steps” work this well to help keep you as well as can be in even the most trying of environments.

Step # 9 To Shangri La

The Golden Smile

•Statistics prove that forcing a smile releases neurotransmitters in the brain to help you feel happy.
•So, like that old song says, “Put on a happy face.” Thank of a loved one, a happy time, a silly joke, and put on that smile. The Golden Smile will be your own private little momentary happy place.

Step # 10 to Shangri La

Become the Elephant

•If you don’t have any back problems, try this simple way to relieve back tension and re-energize by slowly bending over from the waist and letting your arms and head dangle listlessly. Hold this for up to 2 minutes before coming up slowly, knees slightly bent, using your thigh muscles to pull you up. The best place to practice this if your work area isn’t private is, perhaps in the break room, or outdoors in a secluded area depending on your location.

Step #10 A

•Seated Elephant

In a seated position, carefully drop your chin onto your chest and continue rolling forward with you’re head over your knees, arms limply hanging towards the floor. Hold for 2 minutes. Place hands on your knees to slowly return to a seated position using your hands to push you up. Bring your head back up straight slowly and finish with a gentle long slow breath through the nostrils. There’s nothing like being an elephant to relax those shoulders and neck.

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