Quick-Seat Chair Goes To Hollywood Charlie Chan – The Scarlet Clue

Temporary Seating That Closes Itself !

Quick-Seat Chair Goes To Hollywood Charlie Chan – The Scarlet Clue

By Khadi Madama Quick-Seat Chair Wellness Coordinator

Back in the days when radio was king of the entertainment world, it was still appropriate for radio actors to dress up when rehearsing and during performances, which were often performed in front of live audiences. Rehearsals, too, were sometimes given to media managers, show sponsors, and the press. That also meant ladies in high heels and men in dress shoes for long hours. The real “Scarlet Clue,” or red herring, as crime drama and mystery stories are known to include to thicken the plot, is how these actors stand around on hard floors for hours during endless ‘takes’ of their next show. Did you know that wearing any kind of high-heel shoe with even a minimum 1” heel pitches the weight of the body incrementally, adding up to extra lbs of pressure that results in long-term foot, hip, and knee problems?  Imagine the damage caused by that every day for years in an unforgiving environment. That’s show business! But it certainly isn’t the glamorous side. Now, back to our Charlie Chan adventure.

Charlie is hot on the trail of a criminal circle operating in a high-rise office building where even the villains don’t have enough chairs in their ‘one chair office,’ should another villain stop by to check in with the next part of the plan. This is the case in The Scarlet Clue. The actors in this fun detective romp have Charlie, number 3 son Tommy, played by Benson Fong, and sometimes assistant Birmingham Brown, played by comedic actor Mantan Moreland, to help find those scarlet clues that are hidden in the plot. It’s painful enough to watch the actors read their awful script, and even worse, to watch them in’standing room only’ mode. Ouch! Their feet sort. No quick-seat chairs!

I believe they’re the scarlet clue kind of red alert. I felt a twinge in my hip go straight down my leg and just past my knee as I watched my favorite detective series. My hip-leg-knee situation is great. It’s been great since my injury. Good thing I was sitting down.  But what if I was walking somewhere for a long time, and in my little wedge-heeled slip-ons, what would I have done if there were no place to sit with no Quick-Seat Chair to save me? That’s the thing with old injuries, even the ones that are fully recovered. They remember, especially when you have done something to wake up the memory of the old injury. That’s what happened to me. The “Scarlet Clue” of my pain is solved! I had just the day before picked up my three-year-old grandson, popped on my little slip-on wedged heels, and carried him out to my car, including three steps up and down. Nothing hurt when I did it. Not until the next day, when it let me know it wasn’t happy. That’s when I put two and two together. The high-heels on our Charlie Chan suspects at the radio station, together with my awakened hip pain, made me realize that sometimes 2 can add up to 3, which is not a happy moment.

And there’s one more danger to avoid—it’s the elevator in this dastardly Charlie Chan episode. Don’t get in it if it doesn’t have a Quick-Seat Chair installed because the villains are so bad that they have a hidden door that opens up in the center of the elevator and drops people right out and down to the basement, 20 floors down. In the Quick-Seat Chair version of this unit, Quick-Seat Chairs are installed in the elevator. They save the day. Don’t they always? When the bottom opens up, the Quick-Seat Chair keeps the guests sitting safely on the side lines along the elevator walls.  It’s easy to see why Quick-Seat Chairs should be the star of any good movie that has you on the edge of your seat. As long as you’re on a quick-seat chair, the edge is safe. Quick-Seat chairs never tip over, and neither will you. In the meantime, my hip is fully recovered again, and the small wedge heels are back in storage.  Charlie Chan and the Quick-Seat Chair Sounds like a great title for a whole new series where Quick-Seat Chair can save the day.

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.

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