Khadi Madama

Quick-Seat Chair Wellness Coordinator

It’s time to put the final touch on our 12 Steps To Shangri La. All of these steps have been geared for the person who works in an environment where there may be industrial noise, chatter from other employees, phones ringing incessantly, bright lights, incompatible seating for your particular stature and other distractions and stressors. They have been drawn from a huge well of expert studies and adapted and designed to be user friendly and inconspicuous as possible so that if there is limited privacy, you can still make use of them.

Everyone is so different. What energizes one person can be debilitating to another. Even at home some people, have little privacy for personal pursuits. For those who travel frequently for work, again, there are other factors that prove that having some simple techniques and actually using them, can be the difference between dangerous burnout and enjoying the fruits of your labor with little downside.

The secret is to understand that to change a habit it must be performed for about 21 days. Get into the habit of keeping track of the days that you took care of yourself using these methods rather turning to overeating, turning to excessive alcohol use, letting your temper getting the best of you or stealing your sleep. Here’s to your less stressful, happier life as we round the corner of the 12 Steps to Shangri La

Step # 11

To Our Own Office Shangri La

A trip to Shangri-La – Finding Your Inner Calm Place

Pre-flight Neck (Check) List:
Sitting back in your chair, arms resting comfortably on your lap with eyes closed, let your breath slowly find its own rhythm. As if you were watching a current in the water with small crests rising up and down. You  may visualize a beautiful swan gently and gracefully riding those small crests as you breath slowly, like the swan rises and falls. As a crest falls,  let your head  fall gently to your chest. This is not a stretching exercise. It is for relaxation only. When the swan rises up on the crest, as your breath rises in your chest, bring your head gently back up to the center of your neck. Now begin to think of a special inner personal space by visualizing a secret place, either from your memory, or one that you create from your own mind. This is your virtual happy reality. You can create a place you have never been but would love to visit, or one from your happy memories. The only requisite is that you are in this inner landscape alone. No one can be with you, not even your pets. For it to work, you must be alone. After a few moments, slowly bring yourself back to your present surroundings. Move slowly, enjoy a sip of water or other favorite beverage. Now you can resume your work. Believe it or not, once you have trained yourself to enter this special place, you will be able to enter it with little effort and even spending 2 minutes there will help to improve your stress levels. There is no time in your Shangri La space. Two minutes can seem like two days but the improvement will be wonderful.

Step #12 We’re Finally Here
The All Seeing Eye of Calm
Last but not least, with clean hands, rub your palms together until they feel warm. Place them over your eyes and take 3 long slow breaths exhaling through the nostrils,  while peering into the velvety darkness. Slowly open your eyes. You may practice this technique to relieve eye strain while at the computer and should do so every hour or so to protect your eyes.

Stay tuned for next time when we’ll examine our special Stress Free Time Chart.

Remember, Stress is NOT where you want to be.

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