By Khadi Madama

Quick-Seat Chair Wellness Coordinator

Reconnecting  To The  Benefits  And  Blessings  Of Your Job

This section may be the most difficult to work because if you are particularly stressed out or in an angry period, it may be hard for you to see past that horizon. But just a short distance beyond, there is clear ground if you are ready to make a small climb. And, you will have our support all the way, so stay with us as we help you with this important component of getting rid of stress. We have a successful “Action Plan” to help you do just that. 

1. Every day list at least one experience that is a benefit of or at your job.

Sometimes this first action can be a real corker, especially, on a very challenging day. Here are some questions to ask yourself. Keep in mind that sometimes in the middle of a chaotic or unpleasant day, there is a breakthrough moment that shifts you from the stress to the relief or even the delight.

If you’re stuck-it’s OK. Sometimes the only thing you will have to write is that you  made it through the day, that you earned your salary and are now going home. That’s OK, it will still bring you out from under the dark cloud.

Ask yourself, was someone particularly nice to me on the phone today? Did anyone at the office share a treat with me, or did I share with someone else and we had a little laugh for a minute or two? Did your boss (who is usually grumpy tell you that getting that last assignment done early was really great?). Is the mail delivery person also pleasant? Are there flowers growing near the entrance to your office that you must pass when you enter?  Are there pleasing aspects of your work environment such as an indoor fountain feature, great window view onto a park? Is there a nice employee lounge? Special incentive programs you haven’t checked out yet? Are your earnings going to help a loved one’s college or doctor bills which you are so happy and grateful to be able to provide? And most important, are you paying yourself first and making sure to treat yourself to something nice? Remember we’re trying to shift from drudgery and stress to that light at the end of the tunnel. We can’t get rid of the stress around you, or even directed at you, but we can help you know how to deflect it and make it work for you.

*Key Take Away To Learn & Remember

Make this pledge now. If someone has treated you badly at work instead of focusing on that, re-direct yourself and use it as a signal to do something nice for yourself, then write it down so you don’t forget. Put this in practice as a safe deflective method.

ACTION STEP1: To begin, write the date and month and then list at least one work blessing/benefit. Do this everyday and see what happens. It’s OK to relist the same thing. *MOST IMPORTANT. Begin today to say the following words when you leave the work day as you close the door. “As I close this door, I go on to be happy and relaxed.” Now, close the door. If you want to really have fun, you can use a word frequently used in reference to The Great Harry Houdini. When you go through the door at work just say the word, “Escape!”  (See? Now you’re gone!) ‘Til next month……

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