Month: January 2024

Temporary Seating That Closes Itself !

Nero Wolfe’s Elevator-Still Room for A Quick-Seat Chair

When Rex Stout began writing the Nero Wolfe detective stories for a series of very engaging novels back in 1934, he created a character so captivating and so large in life, it was hard for people to stop reading them. Popularity grew, along with fictional character Wolfe’s waistline, and his abomination for much physical activity;…
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Nero Wolfe and Quick-Seat Chair Solves The Case

If Quick-Seat Chairs could talk, they would have some great stories to tell.  As a fan of Nero Wolfe author, Rex Stout, and having written a couple of Nero Wolfe stories myself, I can think of one story in particular where Quick-Seat Chairs could really tell a story. So I’ll tell you exactly what the…
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