Month: March 2024

Temporary Seating That Closes Itself !

Quick-Seat Chair – Out And About Walking A Labyrinth For Health – Christ’s Church Cathedral

I love to get out and about to see how people are getting along getting to where they need to get, or enjoying sports and other leisure activities. Because I’m always in what is known as, The Cat-Bird’s Seat, meaning that as someone in the health care industry I’m always extra observant to people’s well-being…
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Quick-Seat Chair Rail Journeys On The Trail Of The Blue Comet

Today, I’m on the trail of the elusive Blue Comet train, a legendary steam engine in Lakehurst, N J’s history. So hop aboard and let’s discover the secrets about The Blue Comet. We’ve got just the right blue colored Quick-Seat Chairs to match!  It seems that there are still a few people around who remember…
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