About Quick-Seat

The patented all-in-one auto-close solution!
Quick-Seat has been evolving over many years. Initially created as EZ-Rest, Retractable Folding Chair® in 2007, this unique seat was patented in 2013. The original wall mounted chair was designed to provide a quickly accessible seat for patients in need of a rest during therapy or while walking down long hallways with therapists. While in use for the next few years, it became apparent that this specialty seating was needed in more places than therapy gyms and hospitals. Based on input from end users, including architects, interior designers and engineers, Quick-Seat was released in 2017 as the new and improved model of EZ-Rest® ready for use in a variety of locations including healthcare settings, commercial, and retail businesses, as well as industrial sites. Quick-Seat even works in homes; it’s perfect in mudrooms and garages for safe boot and shoe changes.

Although the original goal was to support better clinical care by designing a sitting safety device for the convenience of the therapists for their patients, Quick-Seat’s functionality is NOW available to everyone.

A short video demonstration of the original EZ-Rest, Retractable Folding Chair®

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