Resolve difficult seating problems with QUICK-SEAT

The patented all-in-one auto-close solution!

Quick-Seat Benefits

  • Requires only fingertip or toe touch pressure¬† to open.
  • Gently self-closes when no longer needed.
  • Space efficient, it conforms with Infection Control and ADA standards.
  • It is durable and meets commercial standards.

Temporary Seating For Commercial Environments

Quick-Seat meets the needs of any situation where employees e.g. cashiers and associates may be standing for long periods of time. Quick-Seat is the solution for this ongoing challenge where tight space constraints such as retail floor designs leave no option for freestanding seating. You will be able to accommodate visitors and customers with temporary, safe and available seating. Quick-Seat is the only patented solution that provides convenient and easy pull down seating that supports over 750 lbs.

Space Saving Design

Temporary seating solutions for employers, retailers and health care providers when space is limited and seating is needed for convenience or to meet regulations. A full 20″ wide x 14″ deep seat. Pulls down with finger-tip pressure, or is “Hands Free” using a foot to push down. Quick-Seat gently returns when not in use. Small footprint when closed: only 20″ wide x 3 3/4″ deep.

Standard Colors

Quick-Seat is available in White, Blue or Brown as standard colors.

Custom Colors

Need a certain color to match your decor? No problem. We have a large variety of custom colors available.

Custom Logos

Get creative. Add your organization’s logo to your Quick-Seat.