Resolve difficult seating problems with QUICK-SEAT

Quick-Seat is an innovative seating solution that’s designed to fit perfectly in a variety of places like hospitals, labs, airports, and malls. What sets Quick-Seat apart is its clever design. It easily fits under handrails and on stair landings, making it a versatile choice for different spaces. Operating it is simple – a gentle touch opens it, and it closes quietly when not in use. Moreover, it’s built to last, offering durability.

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Quick-Seat in action

Quick-Seat due to its unique design takes no space and can be fitted to any wall. It can be used in various settings, some of the actual in action pictures are as below

Under Handrails
Long Hallways
Shopping Malls
With any Wall

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

From my perspective as a disabled person with End-Stage Lung Disease, this seat is a lifesaver in public places. I would love to see more of them in public locations, so folks like me can be confident and safe, knowing we can sit when we need to, as we live our daily lives. Thank you Quick-Seat!!

Mike Fletcher

Functions & Features

This chair is exactly what you need for convenient seating, Here are some of its features

ADA Conformant

Infection control compliant.

Safe & Reliable

Meets commercial standards & Holds over 750 lbs.

Wall Mounted
Easy to install and wall mounted.
Space Efficient

Gently self-closes itself when no longer needed.

Self Retracting

Gently self-closes itself when no longer needed.

Customized Logos & Colors

Available in 3 standard colors but can have custom colors and logos.

Our Clients

Building lasting relationships with our cherished clients and partners. Building lasting relationships with our cherished clients and partners


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