All Aboard With Quick-Seat Chair On The Broadway Limited.

Temporary Seating That Closes Itself !

All Aboard With Quick-Seat Chair On The Broadway Limited.

By Khadi Madama Quick-Seat Chair Wellness Coordinator

The Quick-Seat Chair company was founded on the idea that “folks just need to sit awhile,” and most of the time they can, if they’re at home or visiting friends or at their office. But there are all those other times when there simply isn’t a place to sit. For most people standing for an unspecified period of time isn’t a problem other than being a nuisance, but for others, it can cause serious problems and it’s for those people that we are dedicated, not only that they are able to sit, but that they are able to sit well, safely, comfortably and to make the time spent sitting-worthwhile! In other words, we want our guests to enjoy having to sit and wait and nothing better is riding a train in a mad cap comedy aboard The Broadway Limited with a cast of great comedic actors.

In the 1941 film comedy, The Broadway Limited, there is so much action going on that it’s more like musical chairs as the cast, Victor McLaglen, Zazu Pitts, Dennis O’Keefe, Marjorie Woodward and Patsy Kelly spend most of their journey running around trying to fulfill a celebrity publicity stunt that involves a ‘borrowed’ baby’. There is so much upheaval that they could do with a Quick-Seat Chair at every single turn especially in the tiny sleeper cars.

The Broadway Limited was part of the Pennsylvania Railroad when it was used to make the movie in 1941. Built in 1912, it ran a course from Pennsylvania Station to New York until 1968, Penn Central until 1971, before stopping service in 1995, and offered full sleeping cars (without Quick-Seat Chairs which weren’t invented yet) as well as roomettes and, of course the dining car. But what of the extra needed seating, you ask? Well, come with me to the Club Car where we can hope to find a place to sit and listen to Renfrew of the Mounted, a good old fashioned Yukon mounted police radio adventure. The zany Zazu Pitts is in loved with her radio sweetheart and later mistakes a real policeman for her imagined radio sweetheart adding to the already hilarious screenplay.

Club cars on railroads don’t have any particular seating times as they do for diners in the Dining Car. It’s first come, first seated and then you wait or stand in most club cars or come back later. The film told it just like it really is.  Our stars headed down to the Club Car to listen to Renfrew of the Mounted on the radio and found the car extremely crowed. In order to stay, they had to pack in like sardines piled up against a wall with barely room to move their arms let alone eat or drink anything.  This is NO way to enjoy a Club Car or Renfrew of the Mounted. In fact, they were huddled at the end of the car. We must ask ourselves, “What was the film director thinking”? After all, these were the stars of the show, wouldn’t they have showcased better on screen if they weren’t all squeezed in like that?  As in so many places we find ourselves in today, especially when we feel the need to sit, aching at us through an old knee injury or the lower back strain we got from the yard work yesterday. We have all been in the “no place at the Inn-no place to sit” situation haven’t we?

Quick-Seat Chairs founder saw the need and wanted to fill it with a sturdy, stable, easy to access seating solution. One that would work well in ‘intense use environments’ and one that would keep up with infection control standards. Quick-Seat Chair’s design engineer wanted it to solve space limitation problems and accessibility challenges. And, it did. Today, Quick-Seat Chairs can be found in a variety of places such as EMT vehicles, department stores, hospitals, cubicles-where nothing else can fit but a  Quick-Seat Chair, corridors in corporate settings, and landscape designs and airports. If you can’t find a Quick-Seat  Chair where you need one, you can become a Quick-Seat Chair Ambassador by following the instructions on our website.

Temporary Seating that closes itself

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