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Temporary Seating That Closes Itself !

Walking Healthy With Quick-Seat Chair        

Walking as an exercise requires some careful planning. The right footwear,  the right surface, fair weather conditions, safe routes, scenic interests, and the ABC’s of Always Be Cautious. We all have friends who are avid walkers, who every day in any climate get out and walk, often buffeting themselves from what I call, “iron sword…
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Don’t Let Those “Pain Companions” Affect the Quality of Your Life

When I first began working in the health care industry back in the late ’70’s, I was so happy to be in a field where I could make a difference, and grateful that I worked for a company that invited, welcomed and shared my zeal for innovative ideas to improve the lives of those in…
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Sneaking Around with Quick-Seat  Chair

There’s a science to sneaking around, all kidding aside. Recently, while fueling up at the gas station, I noticed that there was a contest going on. The Shoe Surgeon, a boutique sneaker design and lifestyle company, was running a design-a-sneaker contest with participation through one of the major candy bar companies. Since Quick-Seat Chairs are…
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Quick-Seat Chair – Out And About Walking A Labyrinth For Health – Christ’s Church Cathedral

I love to get out and about to see how people are getting along getting to where they need to get, or enjoying sports and other leisure activities. Because I’m always in what is known as, The Cat-Bird’s Seat, meaning that as someone in the health care industry I’m always extra observant to people’s well-being…
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Nero Wolfe’s Elevator-Still Room for A Quick-Seat Chair

When Rex Stout began writing the Nero Wolfe detective stories for a series of very engaging novels back in 1934, he created a character so captivating and so large in life, it was hard for people to stop reading them. Popularity grew, along with fictional character Wolfe’s waistline, and his abomination for much physical activity;…
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Being Successful and Stressed – The Journey to Shangri La – Stress Management Part 22

REDUCING COMMUNTOR STRESS ABOARD A BUS, TRAIN OR PLANE Many people today commute by car for a total of almost four hours a day to and from work. No easy task. Others must commute for business a few times per month or only once in a while. While the stress of driving yourself is removed,…
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