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Temporary Seating That Closes Itself !

18 Secrets For Managing Environmental Stress – The Quick-Seat Chair Stress Management Program : Part 9

By Khadi Madama Wellness Coordinator for Quick-Seat Chair Being aware of what we can do to control stress within ourselves is the best course of action. Curtailing environmental factors such as noise and light “According to a study at the University of London, distracting your brain for just 8minutes lifts mood and improve one’s quality…
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Our 6 Keys For Optimizing A Workplace Climate And Environment – The Quick-Seat Chair Stress Management Program Part: 8

By Khadi Madama Quick-Seat Chair Wellness Coordinator This month we have finally landed into the best part. The part where we can put a plan into motion, where you have the steering wheel away from the danger of stress through tried and true techniques to help you change the environment where the stress exists without…
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