By Khadi Madama

We’ve all heard that old saying “Every picture tells a story, or A picture is worth a thousand words.” Each time I sit down to write about the Quick-Seat Chair, the image of single Quick-Seat Chair, which have been installed in a myriad of places, comes to mind. Each image is a view of  the Quick-Seat Chair aesthetically closed up-folded against its supporting wall, awaiting its next guest. Then there are the photos we’ve received with people happily seated and awaiting their appointment or simply having a short breather before starting back up on a longer than expected walk down a labyrinth of corridor.

We love the stories that we get from happy clients because Quick-Seat Chair saved the day on one occasion or another. Over the years Quick-Seat Chairs have been installed in just about every environment from outdoor trails, to tiny cubicles, long airport corridors, elevators, health care facilities, veterinarian offices, industrial sites, government offices, and last but not least, emergency medical transport vehicles.

But it’s the backstories that we truly love and appreciate.  We love when a client writes to tell us that having a Quick-Seat Chair or two in her veterinarian clinic has made it ever so much easier for pet owners to stay with their pets more comfortably during treatment. We know how much that means to people. What about the nice people who have fatigue set upon them in a medical complex when they have to walk from one section to another. That little moment of respite to catch their breath, quiet their thoughts, and be able to rest an ankle or knee can be such a comfort, and we’re always happy to hear their stories. Other people may not realize what a relief can be found for others when they are lucky enough to not have any mobility or cardio/respiratory problems, but who report that they were relieved to find a Quick-Seat Chair for their loved one who needed to sit.  For those individuals who happen to be where a discerning management team has seen the value that the hospitality of a Quick-Seat Chair can offer, know first hand that it is a haven. These people all have stories that are meaningful and it was with  them in mind that Quick-Seat Chair was invented.

We love the stories from folks who have had to leave a loved one waiting for them in a crowded hall-way, but a Quick-Seat Chair was on hand and dispelled their worry. The relief of that alone is worth a thousand words.  We’re happy that Quick-Seat Chairs are bought and installed by compassionate, intelligent people who want to provide the best hospitality that they can to their clients, guests and patients. They are discerning and understand the value that a Quick-Seat Chair can provide. And, we’re happy about the stories, too, that are simply from people who had to wait for a long haul in their favorite take-out fast-food place. No emergency, no injury, just hunger at rush hour, but when they spied a Quick-Seat Chair on the premises, their hungry hearts were glad of it. In an era of the delivery of so many things like food and other products, Quick-Seat Chairs deliver a different kind of comfort. The kind that can’t help but have a story with a happy ending.

Quick-Seat Chairs. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.