Month: April 2023

Temporary Seating That Closes Itself !

Quick-Seat Chair Goes To Hollywood Charlie Chan – The Scarlet Clue

By Khadi Madama Quick-Seat Chair Wellness Coordinator Back in the days when radio was king of the entertainment world, it was still appropriate for radio actors to dress up when rehearsing and during performances, which were often performed in front of live audiences. Rehearsals, too, were sometimes given to media managers, show sponsors, and the…
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Flying Off  To Shangri La Where There’s No Stress – The Quick-Seat Chair Stress Management Program Part : 14

By Khadi Madama Quick-Seat Chair Wellness Coordinator There’s a saying that I’ve coined for myself: “No empty hands, no wasted steps.” I coined it a few years ago when I was recovering from a slip that resulted in a badly injured knee. I live in a very big house, and making the most of every…
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