By Khadi Madama

Quick-Seat Chair Wellness Coordinator

Professional Desk Companion –Your Journal Section 3 THE TASK LOG

The goal of this section is that it will keep a list of your completed tasks and the task set up for the next day. The purpose of this “listicle” is so that by the end of the day or weekend, you can leave work at work! 

I’m going to take a page from how the ancient scribes set up medieval manuscripts by creating sections called “Quires,” which were groupings of about 25 actual pages that are part of a collection of information. In this case, a page a day for each of the 5 work days using a 5 week framework for each week in the month, to accommodate work weeks that are split up by the start of the new months or contain an extra work week because of  how some months are set up. 

The idea is that using this system allows you to easily pick up where you left off, Friday, when you return on Monday. It’s a place where you will jot notes to yourself so you can clear them out of your mind, yet have easy recall when you start work again. Think of the thrill you will feel on any Friday when you step out that door at work to the outside as you say Houdini’s favorite word, “Escape,” knowing that your office space is clear, and your mind has been clear of things you don’t want to forget.

Some of our jobs are so demanding and important that we fear if we don’t keep the latest job forefront in our minds all weekend we won’t be able to pick up where we left off. Using this section properly will allow you to not only leave the tasks set up and ready to go but you will record a “cue in” so that you will know exactly where to begin. Your Task Log also provides you with a daily record should you ever need one.


– You have just taken a project as far as it can go for now and you are awaiting answers.

– It’s Friday, time to leave for the weekend but ideas are flooding your mind. 

– The project is unfinished and you’re concerned you won’t be able to jump back into it easily.

– You have some research and/or phone calls and memos to make concerning the project.

– You have just received some new papers connected with a project in progress, or a new project.


Write today’s date, the name of the project or file number, exactly where you are leaving off and exactly where you need to begin when you return. You can also list the phone calls, research cues such as file numbers, reference books etc. so that you don’t have to waste time looking them up twice. Also list all of the contacts in the project and their phone numbers or office extensions. This log section will help you to not have to double think. You’ll be calmly ready to go. Any extra papers you receive at the last minute can be logged in and cross-referenced with a sticky note. Now your mind is free.

Although many offices use computerized organizational platforms, these although great for team work, will not help if your system is down or data gets lost. But your handy Professional Journal will be right there, steady as a rock. And evenings, weekends and holidays will be yours to enjoy.

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