The Quick-Seat Chair Goes To Hollywood Series – Casablanca 1942

Temporary Seating That Closes Itself !

The Quick-Seat Chair Goes To Hollywood Series – Casablanca 1942

By Khadi Madama Quick-Seat Chair Wellness Coordinator

I’ve seen this movie dozens of times, but it wasn’t until Quick-Seat Chairs came into my life that I paid such close attention to things other than the star, Humphrey Bogart, who never won any awards for his portrayal of Rick Blaine. I mean, it isn’t his fault that one of the most chair-gripping scenes in the whole movie is where there aren’t any chairs and no place to sit at all, at the climactic airport scene. Bogey was not in charge of the set designs, after all. So, the airport scene is truly lacking. I mean, this is the only airport in all of Lisbon for thousands of people coming and going, and there is no place to sit while one waits and hopes that there is a plane at all. It sounds a little bit like today’s airports.

Fortunately, Quick-Seat Chairs fit beautifully along those inhospitable, stark industrial corridors that we have all encountered in airports. They fit like a glove up against the wall when not in use, and if you’ve been waiting for what seems like “From Here to Eternity,” another great old classic, you can just get up off the Quick-Seat Chair and forget about it if you now have to scurry to get to your plane because the Quick-Seat Chair closes itself. And later on, once you’re settled back home again, you can regale your family and friends with tales of your trip and how Quick-Seat Chair just appeared up ahead along that corridor wall. A small oasis of respite for your feet.

And there’s that other scene in Casablanca, the scene in the office of Capt. Renault, played by Claude Rains. There’s a seat for Renault behind his desk, but the people coming in to see him must stand. Now, it’s obvious that this is a small office, but what if an entire family had to come in to get their “exit visas?” Exactly. There was no place to sit when Quick-Seat Chairs would have that settled like a champ. They’re easy to install, are a breeze to clean, and will hold one parent with a child on both knees or a pet gorilla.  They are just wonderful. While Ilsa may be crying over her broken heart and Rick may be so forlorn that he doesn’t care what day it is, Quick-Seat Chairs never fail! First, they open up, then they hold you up, then they close themselves back up quietly, and last but not least, quick-seat chairs, even though you’re sitting on them, are a real stand-up act.  Neither Humphrey Bogart nor Ingrid Bergman won awards for their parts. If Quick-Seat Chairs had been on the scene, perhaps that would have been different. Quick-Seat Chairs win, hand-free and hands-down.

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself

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