Quick-Seat Chair and The ABC’s Of Sitting: Accessibility, Benefit, Comfort

Temporary Seating That Closes Itself !

Quick-Seat Chair and The ABC’s Of Sitting: Accessibility, Benefit, Comfort

By Khadi Madama Quick-Seat Chair Wellness Coordinator

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but you know the ABC’s about Quick-Seat Chairs the moment you open one. We all learn our ABC’s early in life through songs and writing drills. We can even learn them while eating alphabet soup where “C” stands for crackers. But most of the time we don’t think of the alphabet in terms of strategy, let alone the dynamics of sitting or the art of seating. The most comfortable chair won’t be of use to someone who can’t get to it, or worse-get out of it if it’s too plush, too cushiony, or too low. Low rounded booth seats are a known cause of lower back strain and getting out of them can be a real challenge, too, and the list can go on. Just the other night I espied a strange looking chair. It had a metal frame, and a seat that looked like a huge basketball. My first thought was that I could never sit on one of those contraptions. Could this actually be good to sit on?  I would think that it would be very formidable to get on, stay on and to exit.

While the ABC’s of Mobility are Ambulation, Balance, and Coordination, the ABC’s of  sitting or seats is simply, Accessibility, Benefit and Comfort. Accessibility both in getting onto it and getting back off. The Benefit is what one will gain by sitting on a particular chair.  Can I easily get back off? Is it too high, too low, to small? Is it wonderfully ergonomic like the seats in a Volvo? Will I feel supported while I rest?

And then there is the Comfort factor. I know that I don’t like to sit in an arm chair that makes me feel like I’ve got no room to move around. I also don’t like swivel chairs that take off the minute I try to sit on them. They’re the ones I put on the third floor. If the chair is wobbly or too heavy to move around or the back is too high like a medieval dining chair one would find at King Arthur’s Round Table, it can feel overbearing and stern.  Is it one of those chairs that somehow you always bang your shin on? And, so on.

The Quick-Seat Chair flies right straight under the harsh scrutiny of the ABC’s of sitting and seating, in areas where no other chair or bench  will work-which are often where they are needed the most. First, the A. They are Accessible, easy to open with a light finger touch, or a light toe touch. They are always strategically placed for safety rather than for aesthetics. People who install them, already know where they are needed the most.

Now for the Benefit. Quick-Seat Chairs are sturdy, available when mobility factors may arise and thereby reduce fall-risk. Their unique design affords easy clean-up for infection control. They will hold enormous weight safely and reliably. They are ½ “ higher than the standard movie theater seat. That    ½“ gives increased ease in standing back up. Quick-Seat chairs are installed against a wall and close themselves back up with a unique design element. They offer a respite that is clean, easy to open, and level, so there is no lagging to the lower back.

C is for the Comfort component. . Quick-Seat Chairs are roomy, level, and give the feel of being totally supported in their perfectly balanced mechanism. Your respite will find you praising the ingenuity and reliability of its design, as your well-being is restored by the time you need to get on your way. “And now we know our ABC’s,” as the old nursery rhyme taught. Quick-Seat Chairs, as easy to use as learning your ABC’s.

Quick-Seat Chairs. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.

Temporary Seating that closes itself

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